USS Williamsburg

Refit project of the so called Floating WhiteHouse

The project, commissioned by an enlightened entrepreneur from northern Europe, involves the use of an electric propulsion system with high-capacity fuel cells for long-term energy storage. Equipped with two low-consumption bio-fuel electric generators positioned on latest generation anti-vibration mounts in a highly soundproofed room to maintain high standards of on-board comfort. Certified for navigation in zero emissions mode that allow access and stop in the main protected marine areas, also thanks to the geo-positioned mooring system interfaced with the bow and stern electric thrusters. On the basis of indications received from the owner, our team have developed various projects for the modification and updating of the interiors. An accurate study for the definition and choice of materials, fabrics and finishings from selected suppliers with sustainable certification on production process and final product.

Light colors, natural fabrics, water-based paints free of solvents and harmful agents. We have improved natural lighting using new roof windows, reduced the greenhouse effect with the use of special films, and replaced all incandescent lighting bodies with new LED lamps with warm light. All the furniture in the interiors have been lightened to improve the performance of the boat during sailing and reduce displacement to the advantage of energy savings during motor navigation.

Actual Interior Conditions

The Restyle lines enhances the classic lines of Williamsburg, completing the forward gunwale to protect the sundeck area in front of the mastercabin. Large windows for the wheelhouse and owners cabin, to allow maximum visibility inside-out. Construction of new side panels in contrasting colors along the walkways of the first and second decks to allow a more streamlined side profile. The central chimney is maintained as a characteristic element, inside of it are channeled ventilation and extraction keeping the sides without flanks and grids.

“I want to recover a piece of history, a yacht where historical decisions have been made for the contemporary world, I want it to be unique, admired for its unchanged beauty and for its attention and respect for the environment”

Exterior decks are free and used as sundeck for guests, two fast displacement hybrid tenders in carbon-look are positioned on the outer sides, while the tender rib with electric outboard is housed in the bow deck.


Hull LOA : 74.3 metres / 243.8 feet
Waterline Lenght : 69.34 (227.5 ft)
Gross Tonnes : 1333 T
Net Tonnes : 614 T
Displacement : 1940
Generator : 2 x 50 KW
Propulsion system : Azipod
Light displacement maximum speed : 14 Knts
Launched : 1931

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