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Green Yachts Studio, founded over 10 years ago, was created to compensate for the lack of specialized figures in the field of sustainability in the yachting market.

At the beginning, in 2009, Green Yachts began to propose its services to Shipyards and Shipowners with warm attention, …. years have passed and interest has gradually increased, thanks above all to the ever more widespread awareness that it’s necessary to think about the protection of our environment ,for us and specially for future generations ; the automotive sector is strongly driving the main innovations , exporting evolved technologies to be adopted in the naval sector and yachting industry.

The only possible future is the one that looks to new models of life that are more sensitive to the environment.

Our team of architects, engineers and designers carries out research and development activities aimed at the construction of low environmental impact yachts and boats. Having a sustainable boat is the result of a series of studies and activities, it is not enough to have hybrid or electric engines to be defined an Eco Yacht.

Our analysis starts from the type of materials , their ability to be reused, the study of on-board energy balances to contain consumption, the careful use of air conditioning systems which is closely related to the design of the boat, use of large windows and suitable materials for adequate thermal insulation.

These are just some of the issues we face every day, which are part of an articulated intertwining of topics whose interrelation results in a low-emission and sustainable yacht.

Navetta Explorer 80
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