Green Yachts since 2002

Our main objective is the transition towards sustainable yachting, protecting both human health and the environment , a transport system with zero or minimal impact on the environment.

The transition towards sustainable yachting include a combination of measures focused on user behaviour on one side and on technological change and innovation on the other.

Green Yachts Studio, founded over 10 years ago, was created to compensate for the lack of specialized figures in the field of sustainability in the yachting environment.

Our Company aims to be a point of reference for shipyards and ship owners, able to find functional but also stylistic technical solutions to reduce the carbon foot print of yachts, a gradual and scalable process.

The firm, founded by Mattia Massola Taliacarne, Architect graduated at University of Genoa, with experience in some of the most important and renowned Italian shipyards, Rodriquez Intermarine, Baglietto, Azimut – Benetti Group…. to name just a few, recognizes the lack of professional figures specialized in the field of sustainability in the Yachting Industry.

One of the most common ways that green yachts reduce their environmental impact is through the use of alternative propulsion systems. Some green yachts use hybrid propulsion systems that combine electric motors with fossil fuel engines, which allows them to run on electric power when conditions permit and switch to fossil fuels when more power is needed. Other green yachts use wind and solar power to supplement or replace fossil fuels entirely. Some yachts also use energy-efficient systems and materials to reduce their overall energy consumption.

Green yachts are a growing trend in the boating industry, as more and more people are looking for ways to enjoy the water while also being mindful of the environment.

We focus on research and development, design and engineering, production and marketing, with a goal of creating yachts that are not only luxurious and high-performance but also environmentally-friendly.

We study the environmental aspects and potential impacts throughout Yacht’s life cycle from raw materials acquisition through production, use and disposal.

Life Cycle Assessment in Yachting Industry - developed by Green Yachts


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