Yachts with a low environmental impact

Yacht owners are looking for valid alternatives to propulsion systems and at same time to sustainable construction solutions, limiting ship’s carbon footprint, improving the onboard quality of life .

Global attention to sustainability is evolving rapidly, yachting world mast be active part while controls and environmental regulations are increasing , port requirements are becoming more stringent and anchoring restrictions are taking place in several areas. At Green Yachts we develop sustainable solutions for private yacht owners and yacht yards.

  • New Projects & Custom Yachts
  • Yacht Refit & Management
  • Consultancy Project & Survey
Orca 140 KRC
Orca 140 KRC

Zero 33ft Hybrid – Artus Yachts

Wally 80ft – Wally Yachts

Naucrates 130ft – CNC Yachts

Wally 94ft – Wally Yachts

USS Williamsburg – Private

Naucrates 88ft – Cheyenne Yachts

S65 Flybridge – Suprema Yachts

Vitmar Support – Vitmar Yachts

X-Treme 25 – Q8 Yard

Taxi Tender 33ft – Private

Tenderisland – Private

Orca 140 – KRC Yachting

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