Tetrosomus 45: Biomimicry-Inspired Hybrid Yacht Leading Sustainable Luxury

The Tetrosomus 45 yacht stands as a paragon of innovation in the luxury yachting industry. This 48-meter superyacht merges cutting-edge hybrid propulsion technology with an exquisite design inspired by the unique Tetrosomus fish, embodying the principles of biomimicry to create a vessel that is both aesthetically stunning and environmentally friendly.

Design and Inspiration

The Tetrosomus 45 draws its design inspiration from the Tetrosomus fish, known for its distinctive hexagonal exoskeleton and geometric patterns. This fish, which thrives under deep-sea pressures, has a robust and efficient structural design that has been ingeniously replicated in the yacht’s exterior. The hexagonal reticular structure provides high structural performance and optimized space distribution, making the Tetrosomus 45 not just a visual marvel but also a feat of engineering​ .

Advanced Hybrid Propulsion System

Central to the Tetrosomus 45’s innovation is its advanced hybrid propulsion system. This system combines diesel engines with electric motors, allowing the yacht to operate in a zero-emission mode, especially beneficial in protected marine areas. The hybrid system complies with IMO III regulations, ensuring that the yacht meets the highest standards of environmental sustainability while offering an extended cruising range and reduced fuel consumption​.

Hydrogen-Powered Amenities

Further enhancing its sustainability, the Tetrosomus 45 utilizes a hydrogen-based system for managing all onboard hotel services. This system minimizes the yacht’s carbon footprint, making it a leader in eco-friendly yachting. By using hydrogen, the yacht can provide essential amenities without relying on traditional fossil fuels, setting a new standard for luxury and sustainability​ (SYT)​.

Luxurious Onboard Living Spaces

Despite its focus on sustainability, the Tetrosomus 45 does not compromise on luxury. It features spacious and elegantly designed living areas, including a full-beam master cabin, four guest cabins, and accommodations for a crew of twelve. The main deck offers expansive lounge and dining areas with large, sliding windows, transforming the space into separate rooms as needed. The upper deck includes a private saloon and an outdoor dining area, while the flybridge offers a panoramic sun deck with stunning views​ .

Customization and Versatility

The Tetrosomus 45 is available in two distinct versions: Ushuaia and Capri. Each version is tailored to different sailing preferences and conditions. The Ushuaia version features a higher stern, ideal for more challenging sea environments, while the Capri version boasts an open stern with a swimming pool, perfect for leisurely cruising in calmer waters. Both versions ensure maximum comfort and safety, regardless of the sailing conditions​ (Cheyenne Yacht)​.

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