Italian Yacht design

Williamsburg Restyle

Williamsburg ­ the myth lives on known as The Floating White House, project by “Green Yachts.” The proposal is to transform the Williamsburg in a modern yacht while keeping intact the unaffected charm and classic style that has always distinguished the original design.

All the windows have been revised in order to increase the visibility and natural lighting of the area reserved for guests and crew cabins, a placed , in the main deck ,an original contemporary styled fireplace , place of meeting and conversation. The vertical bow is in line with the current trend style, a – 5 Different Types of Holds to create a more challenging experience Decks and external lines hybrid propulsion , able to ensure tested in the years when it was used On the upper deck the owner cabin with a front view and independent access to Seas .

The sundeck , in the aft area the study with direct access to outside sundeck also used as a landing zone for the helicopter. All exterior decks are free and used as sundeck for guests, two fast displacement tenders in carbon­look are positioned on the outer sides , while the tender rib is housed in the bow deck. The Design by GreenYachts , enhances the classic lines of Williamsburg , completing the forward gunwale to protect the sundeck area in front of the master cabin. Large windows for the wheelhouse and owners cabin, to allow maximum visibility inside­out . Construction of new side panels in contrasting colors along the walkways of the first and second decks to allow a more streamlined side profile.

The central chimney is maintained as a characteristic element , inside of it are channeled ventilation and extraction keeping the sides without flanks and grids. Evident he slender hull with streamlined water lines is ideal for excellent performance even in rough seas , as widely with the function of an armed escort in the Northern in the side of hull , the large portholes on the lower deck positioned to provide more natural light and water level view to guests accommodations .

Original also the geometry of top bow shapes to be used for mooring and at same time as support of flag’s pole ,these horizontal cuts enable to achieve a better forward view from the master. The history of the Floating White House U.S. Navy in active service until 1945 When It representative of President Truman . Today , This Beautiful unit lies almost abandoned in Italian waters waiting to be restored to former splendor ITS and sail the oceans again helmed by His new owner. the unit for escorting military Reykjavik. Several Initiatives not have been made in Those Years , to be remembered Among the many, the secret transfer in July estimated value of 1,500,000 Dollars Williamsburg Has become the unit of representation of the U.S. President Truman and Has hosted famous people : such as Winston Churchill, George Marshall , Miguel Aleman , Clement Atlee , surfing in Florida , Bermuda , Cuba and Vigin Islands before being Replaced in 1953 by President Esienhower .The ship came into force in 1941 with the Became ‘ officially joined ‘ the During the Second World War , Williamsburg was used as convoys in the North Sea , and was mostly based in 1942 of 28 chests full of gold bars for a total After the Second World War.

Main technical characteristics:

Displacement 1,805 t

Length 74.30 meters

Engine 1000 kW Diesel­ Electric

Width mt 11:00

Speed 15­/18 kn

Diving 4.3

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