Sustainable Yacht Propulsion


Innovative Propulsion Systems

The available propulsion alternatives for a more sustainable yachting evolution


There is no sustainable propulsion system that is valid for all vessels. Each yacht has different requirements, therefore it is necessary to study the most suitable system according to the construction material, performance, autonomy, certificators.

Today, as happens in the automotive sector, the hybrid system is the best compromise. A traditional combustion engine is coupled to an electric propeller, and both can work together or independently. This system allows you to maintain the autonomy of diesel engines, but at the same time to save fuel, and to be able to cruise even for a few hours in electric mode.

Electric , is probably the best navigation system in Zero Emission Mode but today still has many limitations especially for energy storage and lack of autonomy. We offer it mainly for small units, especially for tenders to support larger yachts.

Diesel Electric, is a propulsion system widely used on large units, consists of having more diesel generators, positioned in appropriate places, which produce electricity that is sent to electric propellers. This is not a totally green system, because it still provides the use of diesel, but it allows you to cruise relatively silently, and above all with very little vibration.

In some special cases it is possible to evaluate propulsion systems that use liquid gas or new energy storage devices, whether it be electricity or hydrogen.

We study which is the best propulsion system both for new constructions and for  refit of existing yachts.

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