Energy Systems

The available energy alternatives for a more sustainable yachting evolution

Energy consumption is one of the main responsible of the world’s gas emissions and we can do a lot to improve a construction’s energy efficiency, mainly by reducing the amount of energy needed for cooling,heating, lighting, running appliances, …. and by providing renewable, non-carbon-based energy to yacht.

Yachts are today like hotels with different suites of various sizes, often we also talk about the owner’s area as a real apartment both as square meters and as services.

Large environments that require a lot of energy to be managed and experienced; electricity for various equipment, lighting for air conditioning … the energy demand is impressive and often exceeds that required by power units.
Our studio aims to work in collaboration with designers, interior designers and the building site, to study and optimize the environments so that the energy demand is contained.

We are not just talking about surfaces treated for storing solar energy, but also about recovered energy from the wind and the waves.

We study which is the best Energy system both for new constructions and for refit of existing yachts


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