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The available design alternatives for a more sustainable yachting evolution

Society is becoming more and more aware of the importance of environmentally responsible constructions and its design,  clients seek to incorporate sustainability principles in their interior to reduce the negative environmental impact of our society and build a better future.

As consultants for new construction & refit of existing yachts, we are concerned with directing the owners’ choice towards the use of sustainable design solutions including materials, treated in a natural way to limit what we also call “derived environmental pollution”.

There are different materials, types of finishes, products that can be a valid alternative to those commonly used, it is about making the right choices, respecting the style, the decor, and the rules of the various classification entities.

Our study does not limit itself to recommending sustainable building materials and methodologies, when we are faced with new projects, we evaluate the overall impact of design and constructive stylistic choices. A yacht with large glazed areas for example, as is the current trend, is certainly of great appeal.

The glazed areas bring natural light, reduce the claustrophobic effect, but at the same time they can lead to big energetic imbalances when you have to think about keeping the ambient temperatures around 20 degrees. We need to consider the greenhouse effect, the need to counter these heating systems with increasingly powerful air conditioners with consequent increase in environmental noise and energy expenditure. But there are technical stylistic solutions that can help and create pleasant, , well-lit but at the same time easy to air-conditioned environments.

We study which is the best sustainable design solution both for new constructions and for refit of existing yachts

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