Naucrates 130

NEW PROJECT – From professional supply vessels to luxury superyachts .

The 40 metre steel hull motor yacht has been designed in collaboration with Italian Design Firm Italstyle.

The brief was to produce a vessel with excellent sea keeping even in rough conditions and this explains why Naucrates 130 is wider than all other competitors in its range , having 10.26 meters beam to increase stability and a very hight, almost vertical bow, similar to off-shore supply vessels.

Built with steel hull and alluminum superstructure , with its Diesel Electric Hybrid Propulsion system can reach a max speed of 14 Kn and a cruising speed of 12kn

Thanks to its 170.000 Lt fuel tanks can cruise over 5000 nautical miles at 8Kn in low consumption mode, taking its 10 guests and 6 crew members all around the world, limiting technical refueling stops as much as possible.

The interiors are made of locally sourced, certified Italian materials, Carrara marble, and naturally cut and treated woods without the use of solvents.

Characterized by large outdoor living spaces, also suitable for the possible transport of tenders and other yacht toys. The yacht is offered for sale by the main yacht brokers, with short delivery times and at a very competitive price considering its construction features and the quality of the entirely Italian production.

Naucrates 130 is listed for sale at Italian Yacht Yard , for queries contact us.

Naucrates 130

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