Construction Materials

Green yachts are built using a variety of materials, depending on the yacht dimensions and the specific yacht model. Focus on using environmentally-friendly materials in the construction or/and on using technology to reduce the environmental impact of the yachts.

Materials play a fundamental role in the construction of low environmental impact yachts

Steel and aluminum for the construction of the hulls and superstructure to guarantee resistance, performance and the possibility of recycling.

Short supply chain materials for outfitting, preferring products with a controlled production cycle with low environmental impact.

One common material that is used in the construction of green yachts is wood. Wood is a renewable resource, and many yacht builders use wood as a sustainable alternative to traditional building materials like aluminum and fiberglass. Wood is also a light-weight material, which can help to reduce the overall weight of the yacht and improve its fuel efficiency.

Woods from certified cultivation, treated in a natural way, solvent-free and processed in controlled environments, Fabrics and leather of vegetable origin, water-based paints, reconstructed stones and marbles. The entire production cycle is checked and verified in LCA respecting workes and environment.

It’s worth noting that the materials used in green yachts can vary from one yacht to another, and the specific materials used may depend on the manufacturer, the yacht model, and the intended use of the yacht. However, in general, on green yachts we tend to use materials that are renewable, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly

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