Hybrid Propulsion System

As fossil fuel costs and pollution concerns continue to rise worldwide, there is great interest in developing more fuel efficient and lower polluting propulsion systems. Hybrid Propulsion in Yachting , consist of combining a diesel engine with electric motors, operating purely on diesel power, or operating purely on electrical power or using a mix of both.

A diesel electric hybrid propulsion system can deliver fuel savings, lower maintenance costs, higher average engine load and lower air and water pollutions. AKA hybrid system , for example, configures the most effective power and propulsion options to meet the needs of the vessel’s operation, the multiple system configurations also provide redundancy by offering alternate sources of power to the vessel. The hybrid system’s energy management strives to eliminate the unnecessary idling of diesel engines by determining the most efficient configuration of the electrical and mechanical devices onboard at any given time.

In electric mode, the boat is devoid of the classic combustion engine vibrations, ensuring excellent onboard comfort.

AKA Hybrid Propulsion System
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