Italian Yacht design



Tender 23

Boat designed to be used in the gulf waters. Its deep-V hull that widens at the bow, allows you to maintain a comfortable ride even in choppy waters and at the same time offering you a comfortable space for guests. Thanks always to the collaboration with the client, the development of forms and design has been enriched up to the final version that you see in the pictures. A sporty and aggressive design, developed to be easy to build, easy to manage and aesthetically pleasing. The well on track surfaces, remember the shapes of sports cars. Motorized with 1/2 jet coupled with electric engines to easily navigate in shallow water and get to the beach. Equipped with towing hook for water sports, super charged sound system, cushions in Sunbrella, sport steering wheel with IPAD and interface for the navigation instrumentation.

Specification  :

• Length: 6.50 mt

• Engine: 1 / 2 Electric Engine

• Fiberglass construction – Carbon ( Sport Version )

• Drive : jet

• Fuel : Electric Power Pack

• Speed : 5 / 25 Kn top speed

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