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Naucrates 130 built by Cantieri Navali di Chioggia

Naucrates 130 Built by Cantieri Navali di Chioggia, designed by Italian Studio Green Yachts, full article on Super Yachts International. Based on the well tested support vessel hull of CNC , Studio Green Yachts developed a new exterior and interior design for the pleasure yachting market.

130ft Yacht Design

Naucrates 130

Naucrates 130 – From professional supply vessels to luxury superyachts – The 40 metre steel hull motor yacht has been designed in collaboration with Italian studio Green Yachts. The brief was to produce a vessel that will have good sea keeping even in rough conditions and explains why the Naucrates 130 is wider than usual at…

Верфь Green Yachts представила проект линейки экспедиционных яхт Naucrates.

Green Yachts Naucrates 85 Верфь Green Yachts представила проект линейки экспедиционных яхт Naucrates. В основу семейства положен богатый опыт создания морских и океанских буксиров. Яхты Naucrates сочетают брутальный дизайн судна поддержки с широкими возможностями для отдыха и развлечения гостей, например, широкой открытой палубой с откидными бортами, вертолетной площадкой и пляжным клубом, а также солидной дальностью…

Yacht Designer – Why ?

Yacht Designer – the importance of a yacht designer Why we need yacht designers ? The designer in general, the product designer, the designer of houses or interior designers, the designer of automobiles and private jets … the boat designer.  …. Probably none today, because we are in the era of appearance, of pure aesthetics…


Instagram Green Yachts Design Gallery

Instagram Green Yachts Design – Gallery Gallery from the Instagram profile of Studio Green Yachts with a wide collection of yacht projects and  inspiring images from all over the world. Green Yachts Studio is for a sustainable yachting evolution combining Italian Design & Italian Style. Interior and Exterior Design services including Engineering work for production…

Italian Yacht Design

Naucrates is a Modular Marvel

Anything that uses modular construction is guaranteed to grab our attention, at least for a little while. Blame it on us never quite outgrowing our love of Lego if you must, but we just can’t ignore vehicles that can be pieced together to tackle different tasks. So when the Naucrates 85 concept – a joint venture of…

Italian Yacht Design

CNC for Naucrates 85

Cantieri Navali Chioggia has been announced as the build partner for the Naucrates 85, a 26.6 metre superyacht support vessel created by Italian design studio Green Yachts, which has the potential to transform into a motor yacht with capacity for up to eight guests. Cantieri Navali Chioggia is leader in the construction of Supply Vessels and professional yachts.…